Spring 2018 ENGL 2050-03Self-Staging: Oral Communication in Everyday LifeTuesday, Thursday, 9:30 p.m. - 10:45 p.m. Humanities 208
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Dr. Lori Wilson Snaithhttps://lsnaith.wikispaces.com/Snaith+home+page
Office: TLC 3137
You must have completed course readings bythe beginning of class on the day they appearon our schedule--please bring them with to class with you.
Make sure to read our"Self-Staging Course Descriptions and Policies"page very carefully; I will holdyou accountable for knowing its contents.


Please read this syllabus often, as we will be collaboratively changing it throughout the semester.

Dr. Lori Wilson Snaithhttps://lsnaith.wikispaces.com/Snaith+home+page
Office: TLC 3137You must have completed course readings bythe beginning of class on the day they appearon our schedule--please
Week One

UNIT I: The Self in Dialogue with Others: Public Speaking

Week One--Know Your "Stage": Self-Awareness in the Real World

Tues 1/09

  • Welcome to English 2050! Introductions, syllabus, textbook, etc.
  • Discussion: University studenthood--what's at stake?
  • Curing **"LIKE" disease!
  • Getting acquainted with each other through everyday improvisation.
  • Self-Aware Presentation skills--the basics
  • Discussion: finding and taking opportunities to be excellent. Flawless, even!
  • Cases in point: perfect MLA formatting for college papers
  • Memorization of your end-of-semester recitation assignment

Thurs 1/11

  • Bring to class today: Self-Aware Communication in Everyday Life
  • Read for today:
    • Introduction: pp. i-x. and Unit I: Public Presentation pp. 1-18
    • Write your responses and questions for discussion in Week Three
  • "Vocabulary Enthusiast Challenge"


Week Two
Tues 1/16
  • More Improv! Bring your workbook

Thurs 1/18

Read for today:


Week Three
Tues 1/23

  • Presentation #1 Proposals due at the beginning of class
  • Argumentation Analysis (Response Essay) discussion (first of three due in Week Eight)
  • Unit I: Public Presentation pp. 1-18
  • Improvisation: Circle Story, Make a Scene, Read a Novel

Thurs 1/25

  • Write your responses and questions for discussion in Week Three
    Recitation Proposal due at the beginning of class
  • Diction and projection
  • One-minute impromptus

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Week Four**

Tues 1/30

  • One-minute impromptus

Thurs 2/01
  • Expanding our capacity for lateral thinking
  • One-minute impromptus, concluded.
  • Vocabulary Test Rehearsal

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Week Five

Tues 2/06

Catch-up day: bring your Self-Staging workbooks, beginning-of-semester readings, and vocabulary lists.

Thurs 2/08
  • Thurs 2/08
    • Vocabulary test #1;
    • Bring a hard copy of Kurt Wiens's article (from Week 2), and be prepared to talk about it with your vocabulary words.

  • LOOKING AHEAD: Argumentation Response Essays Due in Week Eight

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Week Six

Tues 2/13
    • No class today: drop by our classroom to rehearse a minute or two of your presentations, and give other classmates feedback.


Here's the **rubric** by which I'll be assessing your presentations.

  • In order to get participation credit for Presentation days, you must print out and bring to class enough ******student presentation evaluations****** for each of your classmates (you'll have 22 classmates to evaluate, so you'll be making 11 copies of the above document--please cut your pages in half before class).

  • You must have these precise forms ready to use at the beginning of class (no last-minute college-ruled blank paper substitutions).

Thurs 2/15
  • Placeholder day

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Speakers must submit a PERFECTLY-FORMATTED MLA Works Cited page to me on the day of their presentation

Tues 2/20

Thurs 2/22

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Week Eight
UNIT II: The Self in Conflict with the Self--Stress Management

Tues 02/27
  • Bring your Self Staging workbook
  • Read and do the exercises pp. 19-22 for today...make sure your definitions of the six areas of your life are complete, detailed, and well-defined; this is a really important exercise.

Thurs 03/01


  • VOCABULARY #2 LIST--Print out, write definitions, practice correct pronunciation, and bring to class; test in Week Ten
  • Stress Management, continued

  • FOR WEEK NINE: Create a running journal of at least Ten Major Stressors that you encounter in any category of your life, to whatever degree--big or small:
    • In three to four sentences per stressor, examine the source of the stress, the essence of it, the physiological response you experienced, the Area of Life (as you define it) that the stressor threatens, and how it does so.
    • We'll unpack your lists in Week Nine.
      • This isn't busy work, and it's nothing you can do at the last minute (don't add to your stress!!). This is a sustained exercise in reflection and self-awareness, logical analysis of emotion, expressing it in rational language, and articulating steps you can take toward exercising your power in the face of stress multitude of people/thoughts/circumstances that cause you stress.

Week Nine
Tues 3/06

  • *Stress management lab; don't miss this class--BE HERE EARLY, get 12 oz (exactly) of water in your large cup, and have all your supplies ready to go!
  • Bring with you:
    • A print-out of this page
    • your Self-Staging workbook
    • crayons and a Sharpie
    • napkins, just in case...
    • larger water cup with EXACTLY 12 oz. water in it.
    • a quarter for your classmate who's buying everyone's white plastic cups
    • your text book (of course!)
  • Vocabulary Enthusiast #1 pages due today--I'll check them while you're doing the lab

Thurs 3/08
  • Stress Journals: discussion
  • Workbook: pp. 28-32--complete your Milestones and Microsteps before the beginning of class

LOOKING AHEAD: "Letter to Myself" due at the beginning of class in Week Ten--remember to bring it in a stamped, self-addressed envelope


Week Ten

Tues 3/13 Midterm one-minute impromptu speeches!

  • "Letter to Myself," due at the beginning of class
  • Complete p. 31 for Thursday

Thurs 3/15
  • Workbook p. 31 discussion
  • Vocabulary Test #2

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Week Eleven--SPRING BREAK! Woo Hoo!!
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Unit III: The Self in Conflict with Others
Week Twelve

Tues 3/27
  • Vocabulary Test #2--Topics:
    • Workbook p. 31 discussion
    • Completed "Landmines" exercise on p. 40 for today
    • Pages 33-47, and your written responses to the categories on p. 46.

Thurs 3/29
Unit IV: The Self in Collaboration
  • Last day to submit your optional Argumentation Analysis Essay #1 revision; due at the beginning of class; I will only accept revisions that adhere to these instructions (seriously).


--this is your team's major, multi-faceted presentation, due Week 16

  • Team contracts due (DATE) at the end of class--please send a team representative to deliver it to me in my office personally.

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Week Thirteen

Tues 4/03

  • TEAM RALLY!! Please don't miss this class, and don't be late...this is your first trial run as a functioning team! You'll need your Vocabulary List #2
  • Collaborative Response Essay--due Tuesday 4/10 at the beginning of class**
      • Write a follow-up essay about today's Team Rally: discuss your group's experiences, challenges, strengths, lateral thinking, comfort zone expansion, and insights about team functioning. You may spend Wednesday's and next Monday's class periods collaborating on this assignment, and/or arrange to meet at another time...or both--whatever works best for your group
      • In any case, I'm expecting that everyone in your group will contribute in some substantial way in order to produce
      • perfectly-formatted MLA style:
        • correct grammar and punctuation
        • strong, descriptive vocabulary choices
        • straightforward, active-voice sentences
        • substantive content that makes reference to class material from discussion and our workbook
        • 1-1/2 page minimum; 2-page maximum.

    Thursday 4/05

    • Brief class meeting, then dismiss for group work.

    LOOKING AHEAD--End of Semester Assignment--be working on these in addition to your Team Presentations
    • Final exam assignment: Recitations
    • Prager University Essay #2 (individual) due at the beginning of class in Week 14

teamwork demotivator.jpg

Week Fourteen
Tues 4/10
  • No formal class meeting; I'll be in my office
  • Collaborative essay due at the beginning of class--send one team representative to my office to deliver it to me

  • Team Presentations Vocabulary Test--LIST of FIFTEEN WORDS (this will count as Vocabulary #3 Test)
  • You'll see fifteen words on the above list; here are your tasks:
    • each team must integrate all of these fifteen words into their written materials for your toy project (highlight them, please) that you'll submit at the beginning of your group presentation; and,
    • each team member must use at least three of these words during his or her portion of the oral presentation (each must use different words; no repetition).
    • Continue working on your Team Presentation today.

Thurs 4/12--Brief Class Meeting!
  • Argumentation Analysis #2 due at the beginning of class today.
  • We'll check in for you to ask questions or otherwise confer with me as a whole class
  • Then we'll adjourn for you to continue your team collaborations for the rest of the period

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Week Fifteen
Tues 4/17

TEAM MEETINGS with Dr. Snaith
Bring Your Vocabulary Enthusiast #2 Lists with You

--you may use our classroom to continue work on your various team assignments while I hold ten- to fifteen-minute team meetings as follows:
  • Visit me in my office at TLC 3137--everyone in each team MUST attend:
    • Team One: 9:30
    • Team Two: 9:45
    • Team Three: 10:00
    • Team Four: 10:15
    • Team Five: 10:30

Thurs 4/19

  • Brief check-in as a class, then dismissal for team project work
  • Vocabulary Enthusiast #2 pages due today

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Week Sixteen
Tues 4/24

  • Team Presentations!

Thurs 4/26

  • Recitations!
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Course evaluations

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