Dr. Lori Wilson SnaithMy CV

Spring Semester 2018Monday, Wednesday ENGL 1102-04, English Composition II9:30-10:45 a.m. Humanities 206ENGL 2050-04, Self Staging in Everyday Life12:30 p.m.-1:45 p.m. Humanities 209

Tuesday, Thursday
ENGL 2050-03, Self Staging in Everyday Life9:30 p.m.-10:45 p.m. Humanities 208ENGL 2050-05, Self Staging in Everyday Life12:30 p.m.-1:45 p.m. Humanities 205

Visit Me!In My Office: TLC 3137Monday 8:00-9:20 a.m.Thursday 11:00-12:00 p.m.(we can easily arrange another time to suit your schedule)
Or...At the University Writing Center
Call for an appointment: (678) 839-6513Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Or...Catch me between classes (see my schedule above)--we'll have fifteen minutes of quality time to talk
Or Online ...We can correspond via the Interwebs:quick-response e-mail lsnaith@westga.edu(if you e-mail me by 5:00 p.m.,I will respond by the end of the day,Monday-Thursday, and Sunday).

(You must spell-check your e-mails, and observethese conventions of professional correspondence.)(Seriously.)

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